our philosophy

joie de vivre

Serefim is the product of a life lived, inspired by one woman’s tryst with freedom and her determination to defy the expected. Behind each collection lie traces of her strength, the self conviction that empowers women alike, to challenge, confront, transform their world; to forge their own way. Each piece of our jewellery is designed in response to an encounter; a moment, sensation, or memory, already experienced or yet to unfold. Crafted to fit the woman who wears it, our jewellery sits in harmony with her body and lifestyle too. We use sophisticated materials to produce elegant ready-to-wear pieces that are united in their diversity and timeless in their allure.

to question, encounter, awaken: the freedom to be to have courage in your convictions: to know your self to navigate; destinations, ambitions, your coterie: to forge your way. the woman you are; only you can realise a life lived: makes us

our manifesto