Coloured gemstones (GIA)

Serefim partners with only trained Gemologists (GIA) who personally select all our colored gemstones used in all our collections at Serefim. We only work with trusted gem cutters and often our gemologist personally selects each stone we use rough. At Serefim, we care about the origin of our gems.


We only operate a clear supply chain and are committed to only sourcing ethically. We care about origins, we care about sustainability and we care about being an ethical brand, and only source through respected and trusted suppliers. Everything we produce must align with our Serefim core values. 


All our jewelry is hallmarked in the London Assay offices. We deliver and distribute our jewelry globally. 


Our jewellery is 18k conflict free gold. We only use non-toxic alloys (no cadmium, no lead) provided by 'United Precious Metals', an industry leader. 


All of our manufacturing employees are offered medical, dental, social security and life insurance benefits. We strongly believe in fair trade and donate throughout the year to local charities in South East Asia, Africa, UK and the Middle East. 

Kimberly process

We only work with diamond sight holders that have given us a written commitment to the Kimberly process. We source direct from diamond sight holder ensuring that our diamonds are 100% conflict free and to avoid the possibility of a break in the chain of the Kimberly process.